Breakout Bench

Equipment designed for the drilling industry.

Breakot Bench Knäckbänk powerbreakout

Separating threaded parts hydraulically

Getab has developed a Breakout Bench that is easy to use and is operated with a wireless remotecontrol for your safety.

The hammer is placed in the adjustable V-cradle and clamping chains are applied. The unique adjustable rear V-cradle makes it possible to secure and break out tapered pieces with a diameter up to 30 inches.

At the press of a button badly seized drill heads are released hydraulically, loosening parts up to 30 tonnes. Our Breakout Benches are designed for use on construction sites, saving time consuming trips back and forth.

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“Robust & simple Breakout Bench that enables easy & efficient service of most hammers on the market”

Rasmus Ahlund,

Skanska AB

“Practical & simple Breakout Bench that can handle all dimensions on our hammers"

Magnus Hörman, Senior Engineer, LKAB Wassara AB

“Function & Strength"


Patrik Wahlström,

ABK Qviller AS

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